Our services are mainly provided for hourly rates. In case of an agreement on hourly rates, we inform our clients beforehand of the time we expect to be required for completing the assignment. On conclusion of the contract of services, clients pay an advance on the service fee, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of the matter in question.

In case of court proceedings involving a large sum in dispute, we calculate our service fee as a percentage of the sum in dispute or as a fixed service fee + success fee.

In case of real estate matters, our service fee is based on the market value of the real estate in question.

With regard to out-of-pocket expenses (advance fees for experts, duty stamps etc.) we ask our clients to pay costs as they are incurred.

We also conclude contracts of service setting out a flat fee.

If we provide consultancy, we will charge an hourly fee if we are not commissioned for the whole of the matter. Clients will be informed about the hourly fee on calling.