Family Law

Article 1. Labour law


Drawing up and checking of contracts on entering into and terminating (by mutual consent, by notice) employment relationships and on labour-related compensation; advocacy in labour disputes.

Article 2. Family law matters


Procedures related to conjugal community and marital property (child support, right of contact, usage of the last common residence, dividing property, marriage settlements, and contracts on support and life annuity).

Article 3. Company law


In addition to the classical activities in the field of company law (establishment of enterprises, amendments to deeds of foundation and dissolution of enterprises), as part of our company law-related services we also participate in acquisitions – and the resulting reorganisation (merger, demerger etc.) –, carrying out complete legal as well as, through our cooperation partners, business audits (accounting and activities) enabling decisions based on the deepest possible insight into an enterprise’s status. We also act as representatives in legal disputes between enterprises and their shareholders or between shareholders.

Article 4. Criminal defence


In this field, we mainly take on defence related to economic crimes, also comprising representation in matters of compensation of the injured party’s civil claims. Our office also takes on defence in other criminal proceedings (e.g. related to traffic crimes). Apart from that, based on cooperation with an international rights protection organisation, we continue to act as representatives of the persons specified in their programme.

Article 5. Real estate law

Bidding on a home

In connection with concluding and terminating different kinds of real estate-related contracts (purchase, rental, swap, support and life-annuity, inheritance contracts, agreements on dissolving marital property and concluding community property contracts etc.), Dr Borsai Law Office provides comprehensive services, always having at hand up-to-date information through an online connection with the land registries for drawing up and finalising the documents needed to conclude these contracts. Thus, our clients will always sign contracts based on the latest information. In addition to contract work, we regularly provide advocacy in real estate-related legal disputes, in particular in proceedings concerning ownership rights, usage (possession) rights, easements and pipeline easement. We would also like to draw your attention to our legal services provided to condominiums that are described in more detail in the “Condominiums” section.

Article 6. Advocacy


Our advocacy services comprise comprehensive legal representation for our clients, especially, but not only, in the following areas: * civil lawsuits in matters of privacy, ownership rights and the usage of real estate; business contracts (service and agency contracts); insurance and inheritance; * family law suits (divorce, custody, dissolving marital property and concluding community property contracts); * administrative lawsuits: advocacy against the rulings of different administrative agencies (e.g. concerning pipeline easements and building gas pipes), in matters of environmental protection and taxation; * damage claims.

Article 7. Energy sector


We provide legal services to different actors in the energy market. Within this, we collaborate in the implementation of gas-related projects by assisting in drawing up and concluding contracts, transacting requests for bids and obtaining service and other permits. We also act as representatives in related legal disputes. Apart from the gas sector, we also provide legal consultancy to the actors in the liberalised electricity market, where, in close cooperation with technical and economic experts, we have assisted several business associations in entering the liberalised market. This meant collaboration in elaborating the contracts related to settlement organisations and settlement organisation membership and in compiling the feasibility studies related to market entry. We are particularly proud of having collaborated in drawing up one of the very first electricity market contracts.

Article 8. Representing local governments


In addition to public procurement procedures, we also act as representatives of local governments in other matters, mainly civil lawsuits. Within this, we represent several local governments in court proceedings and out-of-court procedures. Apart from these, our services provided to the local government sector comprise legal audits of local governments, representation of local governments concerning their special claims (e.g. settlement disputes related to budget subsidies) in court proceedings and out-of-court procedures, consultancy with regard to the implementation of their public welfare and utility investments and the legal review of the operation of such projects.

Article 9. Public procurement


In the field of public procurement we provide legal consultancy – in cooperation with the public procurement adviser – to both contracting entities and bidders. On the one hand, this means comprehensive consultancy to contracting entities from the compilation of requests for bids through to evaluating bids and concluding the resulting contracts. On the other hand, we furnish complex services to bidders tailored to their specific needs, assisting them in compiling bidding documents and providing continuous consultancy during the whole of the public procurement procedure. If required, we also act as representatives of either contracting entities or bidders before the Public Procurement Arbitration Board and in court proceedings.

Article 10. Condominiums


In connection with the purchases and loft conversions by the real estate investors we represent, we realised that professional legal services for condominiums are scarce. Therefore, we created a system of multi-level legal services – in the form of different packages – tailored to their specific needs. These start with establishing the condominium, thus providing an overview of its financial and architectural status, and encompass everything needed from consultancy in specific matters through to preparing its members’ meeting and submitting draft resolutions, but we are also ready to organise the meeting itself, if required.